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PRISM: General Ledger

General Ledger is the ultimate repository of all financial data. Payroll, Purchasing, Payment Processing, and the other financial applications all feed data into the General Ledger application. Monthly online financial activity reports, known as Level Reports, are generated from General Ledger data. End users of the application can look up account activity, create journal entries, and run reports.

Determining Access

You will need to apply for access if you will be responsible for any of the following:

  • Monitoring departmental accounts

  • Moving charges between accounts

  • Entering Interdepartmental Charges (IDC's), i.e. charging other departments for goods or services you provide to them, e.g., food/beverages, copying/printing, or laboratory testing services

  • Entering Cash Reports, i.e. reporting income to your department generated from the sale of goods or services, e.g., ticket sales to athletic events, fees for a continuing education program your department sponsors

  • Running financial reports

Applying for Access

Complete the first two pages of the PRISM Department User Access form, and page 5 if applying for 02/03 Budget Modification requests (on-line BMRs). Normally, this form is completed with the assistance of a department business administrator.

General Ledger Responsibilities

The form instructions provide detailed descriptions of the General Ledger Responsibilities, and notes the entities to which the Responsibilities grant you access. Also, check whether you will need data entry or inquiry access for each Responsibility selected. The form will not be processed without an Authorized RC signature. Check with your department business administrator to determine your authorized RC administrator.

You will be sent an email from FIS Business Solutions when your access has been activated.

General Ledger Training

Visit the PRISM Training page to register for a course and view training manuals.