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And the 2017 Pitt Mobile App Challenge Winners Are…

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 17:04


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Pitt Mobile App Challenge! We had more Code It entries and more Show It entries than during any previous year. Our sincere thanks to everyone who participated by submitting an entry or voting for their favorites. You helped make this year’s App Challenge a huge success!

And now the winners:

Code It Category

The "Code It" category asked students to build a working prototype of their app that functions on a mobile device.

First Place: $4,000 in Amazon Gift Cards

Adriena Cribb and Daniel Zheng for AskPitt

“AskPitt is a virtual assistant for Pitt students designed to make finding Pitt resources fast and intuitive. Available on Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Amazon Alexa, AskPitt leverages a simple and familiar messaging interface that quickly provides answers to common questions.”

Second Place: $2,000 in Amazon Gift Cards

Joel Austin and Gregory McKibbin for BABL

“BABL is a unique system created to help created a more culturally understanding and intellectually diverse campus community. It uses the idea of matching to help Pitt students of all campuses connect and help each other learn languages.”

Third Place: $1,000 in Amazon Gift Cards

Andrew Lendacky for UniTour-Pitt

“UniTour-Pitt is a unified university community service aiming to connect students with their Pitt surroundings. By using augmented reality, UniTour-Pitt displays information pertinent to all students. This project originally started as a Senior Design project with Chase Melius.”

Show It Category

The "Show It" category asked students to create a mockup of their app that showed what it would look like and how it would work.

First Place: $2,000 in Amazon Gift Cards

Hunter Stept for QuickSign

“QuickSign is a revolutionary app made specifically for the Pitt students that come in every year and have to sign people in and out. QuickSign will allow you to rapidly sign a guest in, or out, on your phone. Once the person is signed into QuickSign, their panther ID becomes “active” for that building so they can swipe in and avoid the wait.”

Second Place: $1,000 in Amazon Gift Cards

Robert Lasko for Wordsee

“Wordsee is an app that translates all audio detected on the phone into visual words. This will help millions of Americans with measurable levels of hearing impairment to be more confident in what they're hearing on the phone when official closed captioning is lacking (like in phone calls). Wordsee will help to bring down communication barriers faced by the deaf and hearing impaired every single day. 

Third Place: $500 in Amazon Gift Cards

Daniel Spero for Shaka

“Our mobile app is a social media platform that helps prospective and current college students stay up to date with what is happening at different college campuses including their own. We do this by providing them with a real-time, community-generated feed of current pictures and events, and allow them to connect with each other on their main social media platforms.” 

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in this year’s Pitt Mobile App Challenge. Even if you didn’t participate, we hope you’ll consider submitting an entry next year! You can learn more at