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Welcome Faculty and Staff


Welcome to Pitt Information Technology (Pitt IT) at the University of Pittsburgh. Pitt IT provides computing resources for students, faculty, and staff. This page was created just for you as a new faculty or staff member. It's a great place to get started with your computing account, Pitt IT's services, and technology in general at Pitt.

How do I get my computing account?

Your University Computing Account is automatically created when you are hired at the University. Your department administrator will provide you with your username and password. You will need this information to access University computing resources, such as email.

Log in to My Pitt and click the Profile link at the top of the page. Then click Manage Your Account to manage your account (change your password, view your email quota, etc.). Note: Be sure to change your password immediately upon receipt of your username and password. Remember: Do not share your password with anyone.

What about email?

Your University email address consists of your username followed by @pitt.edu. It is used by the University for all official electronic mail. University faculty and staff have access to Pitt Email (Outlook). Learn more about email.

What's "My Pitt?"

My Pitt is the University's web portal, found at my.pitt.edu. My Pitt provides access to all sorts of University resources from one location. Manage your benefits information and retirement plans, view your pay statements, check email, and more. Log in today and start exploring!

How can I get software?

You can download free software at My Pitt (my.pitt.edu) and the SecureU SharePoint site. This includes Antivirus (Symantec Endpoint Protection) and other security tools. Some software is available for purchase at discounted prices at the Walk-In Support Desk. Please see the specific software description for details.

How do I protect my computer?

The SecureU site guides you through the process of securing your computer and your data.

How can I stay informed?

Here are a few places to start:

  • Visit technology.pitt.edu for network alerts and tech news
  • Like us on Facebook>
  • Follow us on Twitter>
  • Follow us on Instagram>
  • Sign up for text message updates; log in to My Pitt, click the Profile link at the top of the page, and click Pitt Text Message Updates on the left side of the page