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Skype for Business: Schedule a Meeting Through My Pitt (for Students)

Students can use My Pitt to schedule meetings with Skype for Business. 

1. Launch the Skype for Business Web Scheduler by logging in to My Pitt using your University username and password.

2. Complete the fields for the meeting.

Important: Make certain that the Time Zone is set to (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Web scheduler

6. Click Save.

7. A confirmation message displays. It includes the link to the online meeting. Copy the Join Skype Meeting details to your clipboard. 

Web scheduler confirmation

8. Create an email message to your participants. Paste the Join Skype Meeting information into the message body and click Send.

The My Meetings summary page lists all the meetings you have scheduled. Here you can join a meeting, and add/delete or edit your meetings.

1.  To join a meeting, select it and click the Join button. Recipients of your meeting invite email can click the Meeting Link in the email that they had received. 

Join Web scheduler meeting



If you are a student, you have a Pitt Email (Outlook) account. You can schedule online meetings through the Pitt Email (Outlook) web interface. Access the web interface by logging in to Pitt Email via My Pitt with your University username and password.

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