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Skype for Business FAQ

Does Skype for Business display my photo automatically?

No. By default, your photo is not shown in Skype for Business. You can add your photo to Skype for Business by visiting, clicking Contact Information, and clicking Change My Office 365 and Skype Photo.

I manually set my presence as available, and now it is not showing that I am in a meeting. How do I correct this?

Open Skype for Business, click My Status, then click Reset Status.

How many people can attend a meeting that I set up in Skype for Business?

Up to 250 people can participate in a Skype for Business meeting at one time.

Who can use Skype for Business?

All University of Pittsburgh students, faculty, and staff with primary University Computing Accounts may use Skype for Business. Individuals with sponsored accounts and resources accounts may also use Skype for Business. Skype for Business is not available to those with PittNet Guest Wi-Fi accounts or those who have applied but not yet been admitted to Pitt.

How much does Skype for Business cost?

Anyone at Pitt can download and use the Skype for Business client at no cost. Skype for Business provides integrated audio and video at no cost. You can use a headset and microphone (or a webcam with a built-in microphone and speakers) to participate in the audio portion of a meeting or conference. Faculty and staff have the option of requesting a dial-in conference number that can be used with Skype for Business. Dial-in conferencing costs $5 per month.

Can I invite someone outside of Pitt to my Skype for Business meeting if they do not use Skype for Business?

Yes. People outside of Pitt who do not use Skype for Business can join your meeting using Skype for Business Attendee (for Windows only) or Skype for Business Web App. Please keep in mind that any non-Skype for Business user who joins your meeting with Skype for Business Web App must use a dial-in conference number that you provide to them.

When I am in a meeting with multiple people, can I view more than one video feed at a time?

You can see the video feed of five active speakers at a time.

Can I use Skype for Business with Linux?

Skype for Business does not support the Linux operating system. However, by installing Moonlight (an open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight), you can use Skype for Business Web App to join Skype for Business meetings that have been created by others.

I am sharing a PowerPoint presentation in Skype for Business but it won't let me edit the slides. How do I correct this?

When you click the Share menu and select PowerPoint Presentation, Skype for Business allows you to show but not edit the presentation. To edit a PowerPoint presentation while you are sharing it, click Share, select Program, and then select the PowerPoint program. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and you will be able to edit it.

I don't have a webcam. Can I still view video that is shared by other meeting participants?

Yes. You will be able to view their video feeds. You will just be unable to send your own video.

Does Microsoft provide a list of phones, headsets, webcams, and other devices that it has tested and certified as being compatible with Skype for Business?

Yes. Microsoft provides a list of equipment it has tested with Skype for Business on its website.