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Guest Wi-Fi Access

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You have three options for guest Wi-Fi access when visiting the University of Pittsburgh:

  • Eduroam Guest Wi-Fi is the best option for visitors from UPMC and other Eduroam-affiliated institutions. No time limits or additional device configuration required.
  • Anyroam Guest Wi-Fi provides access for alumni, parents, and others who do not have an Eduroam affiliation for up to one year; one-time device configuration required after you arrive on campus.
  • PittNet Guest Wi-Fi may be used to create 30-day guest accounts in bulk, such as using a conference registration list; no device configuration needed, but requires approval from a Pitt sponsor and a password that must be entered every 24 hours.

Use our comparison table to learn more about which option best meets your needs:

Eduroam Guest Wi-Fi

The University of Pittsburgh is a member of Eduroam, a fast, reliable, and secure global Wi-Fi network developed for the research and education community. If you are visiting Pitt from an institution that also participates in Eduroam, just follow these steps to connect:

  1. Select "Eduroam" from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Enter the email address and password from your home institution.

Anyroam Guest Wi-Fi

Anyroam is an alternative to PittNet Guest Wi-Fi provided through Pitt's partnership with Eduroam. Anyroam does not require a password or a University-affiliated sponsor access. 

Visitors must configure their devices for Anyroam after they arrive on campus. To register for Anyroam, you need a phone number capable of receiving a text message.

IMPORTANT: Visiting Pitt from an institution that participates in Eduroam? Be sure to use Eduroam—not Anyroam—for Guest Wi-Fi at Pitt.

Configure a Device for Anyroam After You Arrive on Campus

1. Connect your device to the network named "GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET".

2. Open a web browser.

3. On the Guest Wireless Login page, click the "Check if your institution has Eduroam..." link.

  • If your home institution participates in Eduroam, do not use Anyroam. Instead, connect with Eduroam.
  • If your home institution does not participate in Eduroam, proceed to the next step.          

5. On the Guest Wireless Login page, click Register Your Device for Anyroam under Option B: Anyroam.

6. Click Continue, read and accept the Terms of Use, then follow the prompts on the wizard to install the certificate on your device and connect. You will need a mobile phone number that can receive text messages.

  • Important: You must complete the steps above for every device with which you intend to use Anyroam.

PittNet Guest Wi-Fi

All students, faculty and staff members of the University can set up guest access to the University's wireless network for on-campus visitors. Submitting a request takes only a few minutes and does not require a call to the 24/7 IT Help Desk.

The process is web-based; you can use a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

The service is available to process requests and grant access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Approvals are quick and take effect immediately. Guest access can remain in effect for up to 30 days. The temporary network user ID and password will not change, but guests will need to key in their password every 24 hours.

Before you get started, you will need to know:

  • Pitt Sponsors: an email address for all guests
  • Pitt Guests: your Pitt sponsor's last name or their email address

If you are a Pitt sponsor, click on or tap Create Guest Account to get started. If you are a guest, click on or tap Register as Guest.

Click on one of the sections below for more detailed instructions.

Instructions for Pitt Students, Faculty, or Staff

If your guest has already registered with the PittNet Guest Wi-Fi service, enable their access by clicking the click here link in the email that you should have received. Following this link will take you to a confirmation window where you can confirm your sponsorship and set the expiration of your guest's access.

If your guest has not registered, you can follow the steps below to quickly set up access for them. Before you begin, make sure you know your guest's preferred email address and their mobile phone number.

  1. Open a browser to or click the Create Guest Account link above.
  2. Log into the Pitt Passport page with your University Computing Account username and password followed by your preferred multifactor login.
  3. Once on the Pitt Guest Wireless Guest Manager site, click on the Create New Guest Account tile.
  4. A Create New Guest Account window should appear. Enter your University email address in the Sponsor's Email field.
  5. Enter your guest's name in the Guest's Name field.
  6. Enter your guest's email address in the Guest email field. Your guest will enter this address as their username when they log onto GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET.
  7. Enter your guest's mobile phone number in the Guest phone field. A phone number is not actually required but confirmation text messages will be sent to this number as part of the registration process. Some guests might find text messages more convenient than email, especially if they don't have a data plan on their phone but can receive text messages.
  8. Leave the Account Activation setting at Now unless you are preparing guest wireless access for a visitor that is not on campus yet.
  9. Use the pop-up menu next to Expires After if you wish to limit your guest's access to 1, 7, or 15 days. Otherwise, they will be granted 30 days of access.
  10. Click the check box next to Terms of Use to acknowledge that you will be the guest's sponsor and to accept the terms of service for your sponsorship. These terms are listed below.
  11. Click the Create button. The PittNet Guest Wi-Fi site will present a Finished Creating Guest Account message. If you are finished setting up guest access, click on LOGOUT.
  12. Your guest should look for an email/text message with their temporary network password for GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET.

Please note that you can repeat these steps to set up access for additional guests. If you need to provision PittNet Guest Wi-Fi access for a large group of guests, check out the instructions on the Bulk Import Multiple Accounts for PittNet Guest Wi-Fi Access webpage.

Instructions for University Guests

If you are coordinating with a Pitt sponsor and they know your email address and mobile phone number, then they can set up your access by following the Create Guest Account link above. Once they have submitted their request, you should quickly receive a confirmation email and text message that will have your GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET password.

You can preregister for access, if you like. This will save your sponsor from having to enter your information. Then, they will only need to click a link in an email to approve your access. Follow the steps below to register.

  1. If you are on campus, connect to the GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET network and wait for the login window. When it appears, follow the Request Access button on the right-hand side of the page. If you are on a different network (such as your wireless data plan), then you can click or tap on the Request as Guest link above or go to the site
  2. Enter your (the guest's) name in the Full Name field.
  3. Enter your email address in the Email Address field.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number in the Mobile Number field if you want the PittNet Guest Wi-Fi service to send you your registration confirmation and password via text message. These messages will also be sent to your email address.
  5. Click or tap on the gray field under Sponsor's Name. A pop-up search field will appear asking you to enter two or more characters. In this field, you can enter your sponsor's last name, their Pitt email address or their University Computing Account username. Entering their username will provide the quickest results. The listing of names will become smaller as you enter more characters in the gray search field. When your sponsor's name becomes visible, click or tap on it so it is listed as Sponsor's Name.
  6. You don't have to enter anything in the Arrival Date field if you need access to begin immediately. Otherwise, click on the ellipses icon to pick a date when you will need access to begin.
  7. Click the check box next to I accept the terms of use to acknowledge your acceptance of the University's PittNet Guest Wi-Fi terms of service.
  8. Click the Submit Request button. The PittNet Guest Wi-Fi site will then confirm your registration request and send an email to your sponsor.
  9. Check your email inbox and watch for a text from the PittNet Guest Wi-Fi service. This message will be sent as soon as your sponsor confirms your registration. It will contain the username (your email address) and temporary password that you will use to log onto the GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET network while on campus.

Terms of Use

The University of Pittsburgh provides Wi-Fi as a courtesy to visitors and guests. By clicking on the Create or Submit Request button on the PittNet Guest Wi-Fi site and making use of this service, you agree to follow all applicable University policies and procedures on network access and use. You also agree that the University may, at its sole discretion, suspend or revoke your access to the network if you violate these policies and procedures or any applicable local, state, or federal laws.