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Office 2007: Word Ribbon Layout

The following set of ribbons is available with every document that is opened in Word.  Other ribbons are available for specialized tasks and will only appear when you are working on a specific task.  For example, if you insert a picture into your document, the Picture Tools ribbon tab will appear in red at the top of the ribbon listing.

Home: contains formatting and editing icons

Insert: objects into the document, such as pictures, cover pages, header/footer, and page number

Page Layout: set margins, page orientation, line spacing, and indents

References: bibliographic tools, such as endnotes, footnotes, table of contents, index, and citations

Mailings: mail merge, labels, and envelopes

Review: spell check, thesaurus, comments, track changes

View: views of the document, zoom, macros, and switch windows icon to switch between open documents