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Pitt Video (Panopto): Installing the MacOS Recorder

This document walks you through the installation of the Pitt Video (Panopto) macOS Recorder for Intel-based Macintosh PCs running at least MacOS Mountain Lion 10.8.x. Additional information is available about the installation on Panopto's site.

Install and Setup


MacOS versions 10.8.x (and above)

Intel-based - Dual core 2.0GHz / 2GB RAM (recommended) FireWire ports for digital cameras

Built-in iSight camera (optional)

USB ports for webcams or other recording devices

Disable sleep mode, screen savers, and scheduled tasks.

MacOS Recorder Installation

  1. Log in to Pitt Video (Panopto):
    • Log into My Pitt with your University Computing Account username and password
    • Click My Resources > Pitt Video > Pitt Video (powered by Panopto)
    • Click Sign In > Select Pitt-CourseWeb > Sign In
  2. At the top of Pitt Video, click Download Panopto.
    click Download Panopto
  3. Click the Download Installer link for OSX.
    Click the Download Installer link for OSX
  4. Run the Panopto Recorder.pkg file.
  5. Click Continue.
    To run the Panopto Recorder.pkg, click Continue
  6. Click Continue.
    Click Continue
  7. Click Install.
    Click Install
  8. If prompted, enter your installation credentials, then click Install Software.
    Click Install Software if prompted
  9. Click Close.
    Click Close