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MobilePrint: Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What is MobilePrint?

MobilePrint is an extension of the Pitt Print service that’s available to students at the University of Pittsburgh. Students can send print jobs from any device via email and retrieve the jobs at Pitt Print Stations located in the Student Computing Labs and throughout campus.

 2.      What is the email address for MobilePrint? – for black & white printouts – for color printouts

3. What email account can I use for MobilePrint?

Any email account (Pitt or other) can be used with MobilePrint; however, you must register your email account to use MobilePrint.

 4.       How do I register my email account to use MobilePrint?

The first time you send a print job via MobilePrint, you will receive an email message prompting you to register your email account. Follow the link provided in the email message and log into My Print Center with your Pitt username and password. Your email address will then be registered in the MobilePrint system, and your print job will process. You may use more than one email address if you wish, such as your Pitt Email and a Gmail account. Keep in mind that you will need to register both addresses.

 5.       How do I send jobs to MobilePrint?

There are two ways to submit jobs via email to MobilePrint:

    i.      Add the file you want to print as attachment.

   ii.      Add text (HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text) greater than 400 characters to the body of an email message.

6.       What platforms/devices are supported by MobilePrint?

Any computing platform with email can use MobilePrint, including Linux, iOS, Android, Windows RT, among others.

7.       Do I need to install any special software or apps to use MobilePrint?

No additional software is needed to print. MobilePrint will work with any software that can send email.

8.       Do I have to be on campus to use MobilePrint?  

You can print from anywhere, and no additional software is required to use the service off campus.

9.       What file types are supported by MobilePrint?

  1. Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  2. Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  3. Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx, .xlt)
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx, .pptm)
  5. Open Office (.odt, .ods, .odp)
  6. Images (.jpg, .gif, .png)
  7. Text (.txt, .rtf, .csv)

10.   How do I retrieve the print jobs I sent via email?

Print jobs will be available at any of the Pitt Print Stations. Simply swipe your Pitt ID card at the station to release the print job. This is the same method as if the job was printed from the Pitt Print Client on your computer or from one of the Student Computing Labs. Note: Your print jobs are stored in the queue for 48 hours. If you do not print them within that time, they will be deleted.

11.   Can I print more than one file in an email message?

You can only attach one document per email. The system will then process the attachment and the body of email if it is greater than 400 characters.

12.   How do I know that my print job was successfully sent?

You will receive an email confirmation that the job was successfully sent to the print server. It will also mention if a job failed to process.

13.   What if I don’t receive the email confirmation?

Check your spam filter for the notice and make sure that the address or is on the approved senders list.

14.   How does this differ from printing from my computer using the Pitt Print Client?

No additional software is needed to print. MobilePrint will work with any software that can send email.

 15.   Can I print two-sided documents with MobilePrint?

Yes. All jobs are sent as duplex (two-sided) print jobs.

16.   Can I print one-sided documents with MobilePrint?

MobilePrint jobs can only be printed as double-sided at this time. 

 17.   How will I be charged for printing via MobilePrint?

There is no difference in charge compared to printing from the Student Computing Labs or using the Pitt Print Client on a personal computer. Black & white sheets are $.07 and color sheets are $.49. Keep in mind that Pittsburgh campus students receive $63 in print quota per semester, which is equivalent to 900 sheets printed in black & white or 128 sheets printed in color.

18.   Can I print in color using MobilePrint?

Yes, email the print job to

 19.   Do advance printing features such as printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper, printing a selection of a document, collation options, etc… work with MobilePrint?

There is currently no option to add advanced printing features to jobs sent though MobilePrint. All print formatting must be contained within the document.

For more advanced printing options, print from a Windows or Macintosh computer using the Pitt Print Client or from any of the computers in the Student Computing Labs. In addition, the number of pages per side or total copies for MobilePrint jobs can be edited using My Print Center. Learn more about My Print Center.