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Pitt Information Technology provides technology tools that make your life easier. New to Pitt? This checklist will help you hit the ground running.

Don't wait for classes to start to take advantage of the many resources provided by Pitt Information Technology.

✔ Register your devices for MyResNet: MyResNet is the free high-speed Wi-Fi network in residence halls. Before you get to campus, make sure to create a MyResNet account and register all the devices you plan to connect.  

Connect to PittNet Wi-Fi: Once you're on campus, connect to WIRELESS-PITTNET or the PittNet wired network with your Pitt credentials for fast and secure service in academic buildings. 

Make multifactor authentication even easier: Download the Duo Mobile app for your smartphone. Watch the video below, or follow our online instructions (under "Step 2: Register a Device").   

Connect to all things Pitt: Customize your My Pitt page to quickly access the resources you'll need. Then, download the Pitt Mobile app to connect to Pitt events, info, people, and services.  

Manage classes from your smartphone: Download the Pitt CX Mobile app from your favorite app store to check your schedule, add or drop classes, and view your grades.  

Get your game on: Have a gaming console or smart TV? Register it for the PittNet Gaming Network (regional campuses only).  

Get free software: Download tons of free software at software.pitt.edu. Check our full list of available software before you buy it!

Protect your computer: Download and install Malwarebytes on your Mac or Windows PC and ensure you are also running antivirus software.  

✔ Manage your passwords: Use Pitt Password Manager (LastPass) to save all of your passwords in a secure vault that you can access from any device. You can also use it to create strong, unique passwords for all the services you use.   

Be ready to print: Don't worry about buying or bringing a printer. Install the Pitt Print client on your laptop or PC and you'll be ready to print to any of the Pitt Print Stations on campus. 

Check out discounted computers: Looking for a new computer? Before you buy, check out the special computer discounts available to Pitt students and review our recommended configurations.

Know where to go for 24/7 help: Our 24/7 IT Help Desk is always open. Call 412-624-HELP (4357), submit a request, send an email, or chat online with a help specialist.

✔ Get hands-on device support: For software installation, device set-up, and virus removal help, visit the Walk-In Support Desk in the University Store on Fifth, Litchfield Towers Lobby, or virtually through Zoom video (hours vary).  

Set up your email: Read your email online My Pitt, on your phone, or on your computer. You can also personalize your email address, and you keep your email after graduation.  

✔ Find our services: No matter where you are on campus, a Student Computing Lab, Computer Kiosk, or Pitt Print Station is never far away. View a map of our services.

✔ Collaborate in the cloud: OneDrive provides unlimited cloud storage so you can easily store, edit, and share your files.

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