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iTunesU: How to Contribute and iTunes U Works at Pitt

Contribute to iTunes U

Any faculty or staff member can contribute content to iTunes U. Before you begin, review the How iTunes U works at Pitt section below. Then create your content and work with your school's Content Administrator to create an iTunes U Album. Then you will be ready to add your content to iTunes U. Learn how below.

  1. Create audio and video content. iTunes U supports video, audio, and PDF files. You can create these files yourself, or you can have them professionally produced.
    Remember, you must complete and retain all applicable copyright release forms.
  2. The University's Center for Teaching and Learning can help you. They offer professional content creation services as well as documentation and support for creating your own iTunes U content, including tools for creating your own audio and video Content for iTunes U, a quick guide to creating video files for iTunes U at Pitt, the audio and video guidelines for faculty to create instructional recordings, and the standard University lead-in for audio and video files.
    Learn more about all iTunes U resources from the University Center for Teaching and Learning >
  3. Your audio and video files will be tracks on an iTunes U Album. An Album is usually devoted to a single topic or course. Pitt IT will work with you to create your Album on the public iTunes U site.

iTunes U Help and Resources

Need help with iTunes U? Review the help and support resources available below. If you don't find what you need, contact the 24/7 Help Desk.

How iTunes U Works at Pitt

It's important to understand Pitt's approach to iTunes U. The information below will get you started.

  1. Guidelines have been developed to clarify the intended use of iTunes U to share content that supports the academic mission of the University, ensure compliance with copyright and privacy laws, and effectively deliver the service. Anyone interested in contributing to iTunes U should first read the guidelines below.
  2. iTunes U "content" refers to the audio files, video files, and PDF files that can be downloaded and viewed on the iTunes U site. All iTunes U content at Pitt is posted to the University's public iTunes U site. Public content must be reviewed and approved by a Dean, Director, or Campus President.
  3. Comply to Copyright Laws. You must make certain that copyright release forms, when applicable, have been completed and have been kept on file.

Content Administrators

What is a Content Administrator?

Content Administrators are designated by their Dean or Director to manage the iTunes U presence for their schools. They request iTunes U Albums on behalf of faculty and staff in their areas. They must review all content before it is placed on iTunes U to ensure that it complies with University copyright policies. This includes ensuring all applicable copyright release forms have been completed and are kept on file. Content Administrators must attend copyright training provided by the Office of General Counsel.