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Telecommunications / IT Billing System (PCR-360)

The Telecommunications / IT Billing system lets you view bills for your information technology services or phone bills in an easy-to-use web interface. Report data can be viewed online or exported for offline use. The Telecommunications / IT Billing system runs on the PCR-360 cloud computing platform.

Telecommunications / IT Billing (PCR-360) tracks monthly fees for voice services, mobile phones, network services, and technology consulting services. Authorized users can easily search and view technology service invoices in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) or export in Excel-friendly Comma Separated Values format (*.csv) without installing new software.

PCR-360 recommends Google Chrome as the preferred web browser. Mozilla Firefox is also compatible. Other browsers, including older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer may cause rendering issues.


Get Started is Easy

  1. Access IT Bill (PCR-360) in My Pitt
  2. Click Start
  3. Click on the IT Bill Login link in the IT Bill (PCR-360) community.A Getting Started dialog box will appear.
  4. You can click the link to View My Bill or View My Calls.
    • Clicking View My Bill will take you to an overview page of all your department's phone and IT service charges.
    • Clicking View My Calls will take you to just search window where you look up call charges for a phone number.


Key Functions

Using the Customer Center

The Customer Center page is a quick link and search page that has two search fields, a list of bookmarks that you can populate, and information on your account access.

The default Customer Center view will appear if you close the Getting Started pop-up window and will be the first window that you see if you ever click the check box next to Do not show Getting Started again. You can always navigate back to the Customer Center window by clicking the PCR-360 logo in the upper left corner of any window.

Click the blue Getting Started tile in the left corner of the Customer Center window to make the Getting Started menu appear.

Downloading Reports

You can download your charge information at any time when you are viewing a Telecommunications / IT Billing report. The two choices are PDF and CSV.

Before initiating a download using either of these options, make sure you know where your browser stores downloaded files. Only download charge data on a system that you can trust. Do not initiate a download on a system you don't know as you may lose track of critical University data.

  • The PDF option creates an Adobe Portable Document Format version. This report presents all of the information from the window version of the report in an 8.5 by 11-inch format that you can print or send as an attachment. Some browsers will render the downloaded PDF in a browser window. From this point you can save or print the report. If your browser doesn't render the PDF report, you will have to locate the downloaded file on your system in order to open it.
  • The CSV option creates a "comma separated values" plain text version of the report, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Viewing Bills

Selecting the View My Bill option from the Getting Started box will present a summary of all your department charges for the most recent month. You can also bring up View My Bill from the Customer Center window by hovering over Billing under the PCR-360 logo and selecting View Bill.

IT Billing screenshot view all charges
  • To change the default view to display one specific subcode, click down arrow icon at the right of Charge Account. This will present a pop-up selection of all your available subcodes. Use this menu to select the subcode that you wish to display.
    select one IT Billing subcode
  • To change the date range to a different month, click the down arrow icon at the right of Bill Date Range. This will present a pop-up selection of month ranges. Use this menu to select the range that you wish to display.
    select the month
  • The View My Bill report window lets you alternate between viewing by Billing Group, Charge Account, or Owner. Use the pop-up menu next to View Bill By to toggle between these three views.
    select the View Bill By format
  • To drill into the details of a charge, click the triangle icon at the left of the charge listing in the report. This will expand detail on the charge. Continue to click the triangle icons on lines to expose more detail.
    click triangle icons to expose detail


Viewing Calls

The View My Calls window lets you view charges for one specific University phone number. It is accessed by clicking View My Calls from the Getting Started pop-up menu or by selecting Call Details accessible via the Billing link under the PCR-360 logo on the Customer Center window.

1. To get started, enter either a five-digit or ten-digit phone number in the Search Phone Number field.
enter a phone number

2. Next, use the calendar fields to set the date range for the charges. The left field is the beginning of the date range and the right field designates the end of the range. Clicking into the date fields will present a calendar pop-up menu that where you can click on the begin and end date of the range.
pick a begin and end date

3. Click Search. The Telecommunications / IT Billing system will display a record of all calls for the number during the designated time period.
view call history

There is no PDF download option for call history. But you can download call data to a CSV file by clicking on the Export to CSV button.


Logging Out

Make sure to log out of the Telecommunications / IT Billing system when you are finished. Click the PCR-360 logo in the upper left corner of any window, click Close to close the Getting Started pop-up menu, and then click the Logout link in the upper right corner of the Customer Center window.


Additional Resources

Contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357) if you have any questions about the Telecommunications / IT Billing system.



  • Charge data for FY2017 and earlier is no longer available for online viewing.  Please submit a Billing Inquiry specifying the year and month(s) and the PRISM account number(s) you need bills for, and a billing specialist will get it for you.  Current (FY2018) and forward is available through My Pitt (
  • Invoices for the current fiscal year will be available by the third full business day, after the first of each month (for the prior month’s bill).