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Installing SCIGRESS


SCIGRESS is a molecular design modeling software available for Windows and Linux computers.

Follow these steps to install and use the program:

1. Log in to My Pitt (, click the My Resources tab at the top of the page, and select Software Downloads.

Software Download Service log in


2. Click the Software Download Service Login link on the right-hand side of the page.

Software Download Service


3. From the Vendor dropdown menu, select Fujistu and select Chemistry from the subject menu.

SCIGRESS software
4. Then select Scigress.

5. From the download screen, select Download All Files.

SCIGRESS download

6. Once the download has finished, select Open the Pitt Download.

Open Download

7. Select Open.

open file

8. Minimize the page in order to view the installation directions and select Next.

SCIGRESS install
9. Remember the destination folder that you choose because it holds your license key. You will need to enter that information in step 17 below. After you select the destination folder, select Next.

license key

10. Select Next from the installation screen.

installation screen

11. Select Finish when you receive the message that the installation is successful.

install finish

12. Navigate to your C drive.

c drive

13. Select Program Files.

program files

14. Select Scigress 7.7.

scgigress file

15. Next, select Setup.

scigress set up

16. Select Next:


17. Browse to the folder that holds your license key (described in step 9), enter the key when prompted, and click Next.

enter license key

18. Select Scigress 7.7.

scigress icon

19. Browse to the installation location you chose.

install location

20. Select the folder to store the Scigress files then select Next.

user folder

21. Enter your full name in the name field and enter University of Pittsburgh in the company field, then select Next.

user name

22. Select a start menu folder then select Next.

start menu folder

23. Do not check the Gaussian box unless you have a Gaussian license. Select Install.

Gaussian info

24. When installation is complete you should see this window; select Next.

install complete

25. Check your start menu for Scigress and its components (Workspace and Project Leader among others).

scigress menu


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