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Electronic Lab Notebooks (LabArchives): Setting up Your Lab Members Notebooks - Before creating your account

When it comes to transitioning to Electronic Lab Notebooks (LabArchives) from paper notebooks or even other digital tools, we provide you with several options. Here are some questions to consider as you set up your lab.

  • Is your lab working on one or more projects?
  • Is it a small lab, or do you have a large number of members?
  • Do you have a regular change in lab members (e.g. graduate students)?

Depending on your answers here are some options for setting up your Lab Notebooks:

  • Project-based or Grant-based notebooks: set up notebooks according to a specific project or grant and add lab members assigned to that project or grant. You can set up folders and sub-folders by staff, dates, or a combination thereof.
  • Researcher-based notebooks: If each lab member works on different projects, this may be an easier way to manage a smaller lab. You can then use subfolders to focus on specific projects on which this person is working.
  • Lab-based notebook: Some labs prefer to keep all their work in a single notebook and use folders and subfolders to group by project groups and then subdivide further by individual members.

Here is a link to the article Create New Notebook. 

Once you have decided on the how you want to set up notebooks for your lab, you may want to consider standardizing the naming conventions of the subfolders and pages where data is entered. You also have flexibility in how you add users to your notebooks. You may want to grant access to only a portion of the notebook for some users and full access to others. The bottom line is that you can have as many notebooks as you want for your lab and organize them to fit your lab’s workflow.  

Here is a link to the article Users' Role and Privileges.

For more information and tips on setting up your lab notebooks, see Setting up Your Lab Member’s Notebooks and the Flowchart, Organizing Your Lab Notebook.