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Electronic Lab Notebooks (LabArchives): Setting up your Lab Members' Notebooks

To help your group get started, the PI or an Administrator should create Electronic Lab notebooks for lab members within his/her account. It is possible to create a single notebook for the entire lab with folders for the work of each member, however, most customers create separate notebooks per lab member. If the PI/Administrator initiates this process, they become the owner of each notebook & the system sends a welcome email to lab members.   

Create a Lab Notebook

  • After you log in to your LabArchives account, look for the Notebook Navigator on the left-hand side of the screen.   
  • Click on the drop-down menu and under Actions select Create New Notebook

  • Once selected, a new window will appear asking you to name your new Notebook.

  • When finished entering the notebook name, press Create Notebook.   


Customize Notebook Layout (optional)  

All new LabArchives notebooks come with a series of folders to help users document & structure their work–from experimental data & protocols to lab meeting notes & grant documents. The PI/Administrator may leave the folders as they are and skip this step – allowing each lab member to personalize their notebooks–or they may modify the structure to fit their needs & provide greater uniformity.  

  • Existing folders can easily be moved, renamed, or deleted. Note that folders and pages can be "dragged and dropped" within the Notebook Navigator structure.  
  • In order to create new folders, subfolders or pages, click on + New (or right-click/ CTRL-click)  


  • A PI/Administrator can personalize user notebooks, and then when creating subsequent notebooks for members, they should use the Copy from Another Notebook feature while in the new notebook in order to replicate the customized structure.


Add Lab Member(s) to a Notebook  

After creating a notebook its name will appear on the drop-down menu below your Notebook Navigator.    

  • Navigate to the triple bar menu at the top right corner and select Notebook Settings.



  • Next, go to the second tab, User Management. Click the New User icon in the top-right corner.


  • Type the email address of the lab member(s) you want to add to your notebook. After that click Add User.


  • You will see this Alert message after you click Add User.


  • Then select the member’s role to be Administrator, User, or Guest.


  • The system will immediately send the lab member a welcome email letting them know you have made them a user of this notebook. It will include a link to the page where they create their LabArchives account or can log in if they already have an account.   
  • For group membership and group management, click here
  • Repeat the steps above for each lab member.

Note: If a lab member has already created a free account, their notebooks will be limited to 25MB of memory until they are linked to the PI/Administrator’s account. They can do this by adding their PI’s email following the instructions above then clicking on the Transfer Ownership icon. The notebook will immediately be upgraded to the Professional Edition with 200+GB & the PI will obtain access.