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Computing Lab Classroom Reservations


In order to facilitate technology in teaching, Pitt IT provides two computing classrooms at the Pittsburgh campus to reserve for academic instructional use. Instructors can reserve a lab classroom by following the instructions outlined below. Both classrooms are equipped with Windows PCs.

Classroom Technology & Software

  • Student Computing Lab Classrooms are equipped with Windows PCs with the full array of software titles available on the Windows Image in the Labs.
    • Additional software applications may not be added during the term. Requests for new software titles for future semesters can be made using the New Software Title Request form.
    • You should verify that any required software works to your expectations in advance of your reservation. This verification may take place on any Student Computing Lab computer running Windows, as all machines within the same platform have identical software installations.
    • In order to utilize the Student Computing Lab machines, unique University of Pittsburgh computer accounts must be used for each user.
  • The classroom computers do not have built-in CD/DVD drives. If an external drive is needed for the class, please indicate this when submitting your reservation request.
  • Both classrooms have an instructor’s computer connected to either a large LCD screen (Cathedral G-62) or video projector (Bellefield 314). Instructors can also connect their personal devices via VGA or HDMI cables. iOS and macOS devices can share their screen or send content wirelessly using Apple AirPlay.

How to Reserve a Lab Classroom

  • Submit all reservation requests using the Computing Lab Classroom Reservation form.
  • Reservation requests should be made at least three business days in advance, but it is recommended to make requests well before that.
  • Classrooms should only be reserved for class sessions during which computer resources are needed.
  • Classrooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you no longer need a classroom, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible by contacting the 24/7 IT Help Desk so that others may reserve the room.

Other Policies

  • Following occupancy rules and regulations, the maximum number of chairs and workstations are located in each classroom. Additional chairs may not be brought into the classroom. Requests exceeding the capacity of the classroom will not be scheduled.
  • Occasionally, Pitt IT may need to change or cancel a lab classroom reservation. Should either situation occur, a staff member will notify the reservation contact by email.

Specific Classroom Information

314 Bellefield Hall – Computers for 30 students and 1 instructor

During your class, the lab monitor will wait at a nearby Lab. At the conclusion of the scheduled reservation, a lab monitor will return to staff the lab. If your class finishes before the end of the scheduled reservation or if you need assistance, call the Computing Lab number posted next to the instructor's computer. Do not leave the classroom unattended. 

If the instructor does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of the reservation, the classroom will be reopened for general lab use. 

G-62 Cathedral of Learning – Computers for 26 students and 1 instructor

You will need to enter the classroom through the main door to the G-62 Lab, as the classroom door is locked from outside access. The lab monitor working in the main lab will be able to help with any issues that may come up during your reservation.

If the instructor does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of the reservation the classroom will be reopened for general lab use.