Graduation | Information Technology | University of Pittsburgh

Congratulations, Graduates

But IT's not over yet. 

Last Steps Before Starting Your Next Chapter

Consider this your graduation IT checklist of things to do.

When you graduate, your Student Computing Account will automatically convert to an Alumni Account. Your access to free software, cloud storage space, official email accounts, and 24/7 support will change.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Save your files before you lose access to cloud storage. 

Transfer Files from Microsoft OneDrive

If you don't already have a personal Microsoft Live account, go to and create a new account (be sure to use an email address different from email address). Download the files from your Pitt OneDrive account to your computer, then upload those files to your new, personal OneDrive account.

Transfer Files from Box

You have a couple options to manage the files you keep in your Pitt-sponsored Box account:

• Go to and create a personal account. Be sure to use an email address different from your email address. Download the files from your Pitt Box account to your computer, then upload them to your new, personal Box account.

• Or, rather than moving your cloud-based files, you can change ownership of the files already in your Box account. First, consolidate your existing Box-based files into a single folder in Box. Then create a new, personal Box account (again, use an email address different from your email address). Once the new account is created, transfer ownership of your Pitt-supported Box folder to your newly created personal account.

Transfer Files from Electronic Research Notebooks (LabArchives)

Be sure to download and save your research files if you used LabArchives' cloud storage for organizing and managing your lab data.

Some Things You Can Take with You

Your time at Pitt might be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you can't keep using some of Pitt's services.

Microsoft Office 2019

Most software titles will expire with your graduation. However, you may download one copy of Office 2019 from and use it for as long as you like.

Pitt Email

Your official Pitt email address does not expire upon graduation, so you can continue using your address (and any aliases you created while you were a student) to send and receive messages.

Antivirus & Anti-malware Protection

Ensure your computer's safety by downloading the latest versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection and Malwarebytes at no charge from

We'll Always Be Here for Support

Alumni status gives you access to 24/7 IT help for the tools and services you continue to use from Pitt.

Get Help When You Need It

24/7 IT Help Desk support for alumni includes Pitt Email via Microsoft Office 365, Parchment transcript ordering, Student Information System (PeopleSoft and Pitt PS Mobile), PittPAY, University Computing Account self-service, PittNet Wi-Fi when visiting campus, and Eduroam access at participating institutions.