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Phone: Emergency Calls from University Phones

Call 412-624-2121 in any situation that requires immediate assistance from University police, the fire department, or an ambulance. Please familiarize yourself with the locations of emergency call boxes around campus in case you find yourself in a situation where you do not have access to a landline or cell phone.

Analog/Legacy System (Avaya)

When placing an emergency call from a non-upgraded line, it is important to provide specific details of your location—including building and floor/room number. Failure to provide specifics may result in a delayed response, as your floor/room number is not transmitted during an emergency call made via the legacy phone system.

Digital/Next Generation Telephony (Microsoft Teams)

A benefit of the upgraded phone system, currently being rolled out in phases across campus, is enhanced emergency calling capabilities. Phone lines upgraded to Microsoft Teams automatically transmit your pre-programmed address—including room number—when placing an emergency call. This means that your exact location will be known even if you are unable to speak.

IMPORTANT: Because you can use your University phone number to make calls from anywhere in the world, you must provide your current location if you place an emergency call from outside your listed address.

Just as when using an analog line, callers using a digital line may not be able to reach 911 during a widespread network outage.