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Convenient, New Anyroam Guest Wi-Fi Option for Pitt Visitors

Friday, March 5, 2021 - 09:14


Pitt Information Technology has enabled Anyroam, a Guest Wi-Fi service made possible through the University’s partnership with the global Wi-Fi network Eduroam. With the launch of Anyroam, the University now provides three Wi-Fi options for University guests:

  • Eduroam Guest Wi-Fi is the best option for visitors from UPMC and other Eduroam-affiliated institutions. No additional device configuration is required.
  • Anyroam Guest Wi-Fi provides access for alumni, parents, and others who do not have an Eduroam affiliation for up to one year. No password or University-affiliated sponsor is required. A one-time device configuration is required after visitors arrive on campus.
  • PittNet Guest Wi-Fi—the University’s legacy Guest Wi-Fi service—may be used to create 30-day guest accounts in bulk, such as using a conference registration list. No device configuration is needed, but the service requires approval from a Pitt sponsor and a password that must be entered every 24 hours.

You can compare Guest Wi-Fi options in more detail on our website. Note that a separate guest access option is available through MyResNet for University residence halls.

Please contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357) if you have questions about this announcement