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Cloud Storage Migration: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data can I store in OneDrive?

Refer to our Data Classification Matrix for examples of the types of data that are appropriate to store in OneDrive.

How long will my migration take?

The length of a migration depends upon how much data and how many files you have stored in Box. Smaller migrations can take an hour or two, while larger migrations may span several days.

To ensure your migration proceeds as efficiently as possible, we recommend you delete any unnecessary files and folders and remove yourself from any shared Box folders or files to which you no longer need access.

Will I be able to access my files during the migration?

Yes. However, avoid making any changes to Box files or folders after your migration begins. Changes you make while the migration is in progress will not be transferred to OneDrive.

I have workflows that involved the use of Box. How can I recreate those in OneDrive?

You can use Microsoft PowerAutomate (formerly Microsoft Flow)—part of Microsoft Office 365—to create workflows that integrate with OneDrive. You can also contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk for guidance on modifying workflows for OneDrive.

If I am a co-owner of a file on Box, will it be copied to my OneDrive account?

Only files and folders for which you are the owner will be moved to your OneDrive account. If you do not see a folder in your OneDrive account that you expect to see, it is likely because someone else at Pitt owns the folder and has shared it with you. That shared folder will become visible to you when its owner is migrated to OneDrive. Until that time, you can continue to view its contents in Box.

What happens to my Pitt Box account after the University’s contract ends?

We are working through the details of this process and will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.

Does Pitt offer additional cloud storage solutions?

Yes. OneDrive and SharePoint are designed for hierarchical file storage and collaboration; AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure provide the best solutions for large data sets and archival storage. To learn more, visit our Enterprise Cloud Computing page.

Can I move my Box files on my own?

Yes. However, we strongly recommend participating in the migration to OneDrive that is managed and supported by Pitt IT. Our managed migration process leverages the University’s partnership with SkySync, whose wealth of experience moving data in the higher education sector helps to ensure all facets of your Box migration—data, permissions, and more—are transferred securely and accurately with minimal disruption to your work. Attempting to migrate data on your own will be more complicated, time consuming, and prone to unforeseen migration issues, including potential data or file corruption. If you have a time-sensitive project that requires you to move Box data before Pitt IT begins formal migrations, please contact our 24/7 IT Help Desk so that we can discuss your needs and review options

Can I move my Box files to another cloud storage service?

Yes, but we advise against doing so. The University is committed to its strategic partnership with Microsoft, and we are confident OneDrive will meet the needs of the Pitt community. OneDrive provides many of the same features as Box, and it also integrates with SharePoint and Teams to provide additional collaboration options.

We strongly discourage the use of Google Drive for several reasons. First, it cannot be used to store Protected Health Information (see the University's Data Risk Classification matrix). In addition, Google is making changes that will eliminate options for storing flexible, large volumes of data. Due to these and other limitations, we do not believe Google Drive is a viable, long-term solution for most University users. 

Will new Pitt students and employees receive a Box account? 

The University will stop routinely provisioning new Box accounts to students, faculty, and staff effective Saturday, May 8, 2021. Existing Box accounts will not be affected, and new students registered for summer 2021 classes will still be able to create Box accounts. However, instructors who previously asked students to use Box for classroom work are encouraged to direct students to OneDrive instead. OneDrive help resources are available on our website, or you can contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk at any time. Faculty and staff who join the University after May 8 and have a critical need for a Box account to facilitate their work may contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk to request an exception.