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Get Lab Savvy

When I came to Pitt, I assumed I wouldn’t use the Student Computing Labs much. I had a computer and thought I’d rather just work in my room. I ended up using them all the time. Turns out, it’s really convenient to just pop into a lab between classes. There’s no need to lug a laptop around campus, printers are right there, it’s a quiet workspace, and I didn’t have to download programs I only needed for one class.

It’s been a couple years (Okay … more than a couple) since I graduated, and students still use the labs all the time. In fact, Pitt’s labs have quite a lot to offer these days—probably more than you realize. Here’s just a sampling:

Who, What, When, Where?

There are eight Student Computing Labs in seven buildings. Most have Windows, Mac, and Linux machines; black-and-white and color printers; and other equipment, such as portable scanners, headphones, and DVD drives. The equipment and hours varies by location; check out for the locations, hours, equipment and services for each lab.

Group Workspaces

Working with other people? Check out the team rooms and collaboration areas at David Lawrence Hall Room 230 and Alumni Hall Room B-40. You can all sit together, use a marker board or hook your computer up to a large monitor, and work together. Team rooms are reservable at, while the open collaboration areas are first come, first served.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

If the only thing your set-up is missing is a killer monitor, no problem. The labs in David Lawrence Hall Room 230, Cathedreal of Learning Room G-27, and Bellefield Hall Room 314 all have 4K screens you can connect a personal device to. They even supply the HDMI cable and other adapters you may need.

Spread Out

Books, binders, handouts, notes—sometimes, you need a little extra space for all your stuff. David Lawrence Hall Room 230 and Alumni Hall Room B-40 both have extra-wide work areas when you need some extra elbow room.

More Than Workstations

If you’re using a lab because your battery is dying or to print a paper, you don’t have to grab one of the workstations. Each of the labs have:

  • Mobile Charging Stations: Connect nearly any type of device with the supplied connectors.
  • Pitt Print Stations: Submit a print job from any device, and just swipe your ID at the printer to print it out.


You Tell Me: Why do you use the labs? Tell me your #1 reason in the comments below.

By Karen Beaudway, Pitt IT Blogger

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