Pitt Printing

Students can send print jobs from any location to Pitt Print stations located throughout campus.

Ask Cathy

Ask Cathy connects you to familiar University services and helps you discover new ones.

Enterprise Network File Storage (Andrew File System)


The University offers a distributed network file storage system known as AFS (Andrew File System) that enables you to store files and documents on remote AFS servers and access those files as easily as if they were stored locally on your computer. This file storage system was specifically designed for Unix users. Every student, faculty, and staff member with an active University Computing Account has access to the University of Pittsburgh's AFS space.

Multifactor Authentication at Pitt

Multifactor authentication, provided by Duo Security, adds another layer of security to your online accounts when using Pitt Passport by requiring two “factors” to verify your identity when you log in to a service.

Pitt Passport: Your Trusted Single Sign-On Experience

Pitt Passport is the University’s single sign-on service that is used to grant access to Web-based services.

My Pitt Email (Microsoft Office 365 Email)

Students, faculty, and staff have access to My Pitt Email, a cloud-based email service provided through Office 365 Email.

Emergency Notification Service


Note: The University is upgrading the system used to send Emergency Notification Service (ENS) alerts and NotifyU text messages. Learn more >