Terms and Conditions for Departmental Use of Licensed University Software

The University, through CSSD Software Licensing Services, makes commercial software available for departmental research and academic use under the terms and conditions of agreements with software vendors. Your use of any and all such software is governed by applicable law, the University’s software contracts, University policy, and the University Student Code of Conduct. By installing and using software provided by the University, you agree to the following:

Fast and Easy Online Shopping for Your Departmental Software

Online Software Store


University departments can purchase software through a convenient, easy-to-use online store. The Software Store integrates with PantherExpress, the University’s procurement and payment system. This online store eliminates the need to prepare paper requisitions when purchasing or renewing University site-licensed software for your department.

How to Get Software

A variety of software is available at little or no cost to University students, faculty and staff. Browse the list of available software for students or software for faculty, staff, and departments. See below for information on purchasing software.