Faculty Information System: How to Create an Annual Review Report

Annual Report

The Faculty Information System lets you easily create an annual review report for your department chair or dean. In addition to information from your CV, the reports can contain information about goals and accomplishments.

To create an annual report:

PittNet (Wired): How to Connect your Gaming Console or Smart TV to PittNet


Please note: Instructions for connecting to the Pitt Gaming network only apply to Pittsburgh and Bradford campus residence hall residents. Students in other regional campus residence halls will need to use the instructions at the bottom of this page under the Internet Connection Sharing heading. 

Security: Backing Up Your Data Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you back up your data?

It is always a good practice to regularly back up data that is stored on your computer.  There are a number of scenarios in which the information on your computer could be lost:

PittNet (Wired): Enabling and Disabling Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) on PCs


The University has begun enabling support for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), which is one of two versions of the Internet Protocol that is used to carry Internet traffic. Every device that is connected to a network and uses the Internet Protocol for communication acquires a unique number known as an IP address.   

The number of available IPv4 addresses will soon be exhausted. In many parts of the world, they have already been exhausted.