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Multifactor Authentication: How to Set Default Preferences or Change a Device

Set a Default Authentication Preference 

If you always want to receive a push notification (or you always want to receive a phone call or enter a passcode), you can save time and set this as your default preference. To do so, complete these steps.

1. Log in to accounts.pitt.edu and click Add/Manage Pitt Passport Devices.

2. Select Send Me a Push, Call Me, or Enter a Passcode to authenticate with multifactor authentication.

Secure Remote Access: How to Use Multifactor Authentication for Secure Remote Connections

Multifactor and Secure Remote (VPN) Access

If you use the University’s Secure Remote Access service, either through the recommended Pulse client or via the IPSec client, you will need to use multifactor authentication for your secure remote connections. This requirement affects all students, faculty, and staff who use the Secure Remote Access service.

Note that you must already have registered a device for multifactor authentication before you can complete the steps below.

Electronic Lab Notebook: Setting up your Lab Members' Notebooks

To help your group get started, the PI or an Administrator should create LabArchives notebook(s) for lab members within his/her account.  It is possible to create a single notebook for the entire lab with folders for the work of each member, however, most customers create separate notebooks per lab member.  If the PI/Administrator initiates this process, they become the owner of each notebook & the system sends a welcome e-mail to lab members.   

Create a Lab Notebook

Electronic Lab Notebook: Setting up Your Lab Members Notebooks - Before creating your account

When it comes to transitioning to LabArchives from paper notebooks or even other digital tools, we provide you with several options. Here are some questions to consider as you set up your lab.

  • Is your lab working on one or more projects?
  • Is it a small lab, or do you have a large number of members?
  • Do you have a regular change in lab members (e.g. graduate students)?

Depending on your answers here are some options for setting up your lab Notebooks:

DocuSign Digital Signature Service: How To Videos

The following videos provide more information to assist with use of the DocuSign Digital Signature service. ​

DocuSign Tour
Take a tour to learn what DocuSign can do for you and your organization.

Email: Report a Message as Junk Email

Report a Message as Junk Email

There are different ways to flag a spam message that is delivered to your inbox, depending on whether you use the Office 365 Email Web page to manage your mail or an Outlook client installed on your PC.