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Some Exciting New Features are Coming to My Pitt!

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 13:04


On December 21, My Pitt will be enhanced with several new features that will make it faster and easier to access University resources and information.

  1. Search More Easily: Try the powerful new search bar.   
  2. Browse More Quickly: Find services in a flash with new task icons. 
  3. Ask Cathy: Connect with familiar services and discover new ones.

Learn more at http://pi.tt/mypittenhanced

My Pitt Enhancements

Technology Guidelines and Tips for International Travel

International travel has many benefits, but it also entails some degree of risk, especially with regard to the security of technology resources like laptops, smartphones, and mobile devices.

This page provides a number of important technology guidelines and tips for international travel. These guidelines are designed to help you protect your devices and data while traveling, and they will also help to protect University of Pittsburgh systems and data.   

Secure Shell (SSH) and SFTP

When remotely connecting to another computer or transferring files between computers, it is necessary to use encryption in order to protect usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information. This requires the use of secure protocols: