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Tableau is easy- to use data analytics software for exploring and visualizing data. Tableau places an emphasis on visual analytics, allowing you to move quickly from question to insight. Data analysts who use the University Data Warehouse can request a license for Tableau Desktop via the Technology Help Desk.

Users of the Tableau Desktop authoring software can create dashboards, workbooks, and analyses using data from the University Data Warehouse, local databases, spreadsheets, text files, and more. This work can then be shared with University faculty and staff via the Tableau server available at All Pitt faculty and staff members have access to the Tableau Server, though they will only be able to see dashboards and data for which they have permission.

Tableau Desktop users at Pitt meet monthly to share tips, techniques, and their work. If you receive a Tableau Desktop license, you’ll automatically be added to the invitation list for those meetings.

Interested in learning more about how Tableau works?  Watch this short video.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tableau

How can I obtain a Tableau Desktop license?

If you are not sure if a Tableau Desktop license is right for you, download the 15-day free trial from Tableau. If you are a data analyst, or someone who works with data frequently and know Tableau would be helpful to you, you may be eligible for a free Tableau license provided by CSSD. To be eligible, you must 1) plan to use Tableau Server, 2) have access to the University Data Warehouse, and 3) have taken or plan to take some Tableau training. Contact the Technology Help Desk to request a license.

Once you acquire a Tableau Desktop license from CSSD, we will provide additional information about using Tableau Desktop and publishing to the Tableau Server.

I am a student/instructor/researcher interested in using Tableau. How can I obtain a license?

CSSD provides Tableau Desktop licenses for administrative purposes only. If you are a student or instructor, you may be eligible for a free Tableau Desktop license from the Tableau Education program.

Researchers interested in using Tableau will need to purchase their own licenses.

How can I access Tableau Server content?

All faculty and staff members at the University of Pittsburgh have access to the Tableau Server at Visitors to will only see dashboards and worksheets to which they have been granted access by a Tableau Desktop author.

Who has access to view a dashboard on Tableau Server?

Tableau Desktop authors publish dashboards and worksheets to the Tableau Server. These authors are also responsible for granting access to those dashboards. If you would like access to a particular dashboard, contact the author of the dashboard to request access.

What kinds of data can Tableau use?

Tableau Desktop users can take advantage of several data sources connected directly to the University Data Warehouse. In addition, Tableau can ingest data from almost any database or format. It can easily connect to Oracle, SQL Server, MySql and other databases, as well as CSV and Microsoft Excel files. These data sources can then be joined together to create unified datasets for analysis.

I have a Tableau Desktop license.  How can I obtain training?

Tableau offers excellent on-demand training videos at In addition, features several Tableau training courses. As a Tableau Desktop user, you will be invited to participate in monthly meetings to discuss Tableau tips and techniques.

I’d like to have Tableau Dashboards in my school, department, or business unit. Who can help me?

Your school, department, or business unit may already have someone working with Tableau. If not, CSSD Business Intelligence provides consulting for analytics and dashboards. Contact the Technology Help Desk to find out more

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