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Wire Fraud Scam Mimics Supervisor’s Email Address

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 - 09:53


Computing Services and Systems Development is notifying the University community about a significant rise in a specific type of targeted email phishing scam called a “wire transfer scam” or a “CEO email scam”. In this scam, the attacker impersonates the email address of the recipient’s supervisor or a high-ranking University official. The email message asks the recipient to prepare and send a wire transfer. In some versions of the scam, the wire transfer instructions are included in the email as an attachment. In other versions, the email message asks the recipient to reply to receive details about how to process the wire transfer.

Several of these email scams have been received by University of Pittsburgh employees. The following is an example of the scam:


From:  john.doe (jdoe999@pitt.edu) <Address impersonating University supervisor>

To:  James.employee@pitt.edu <University of Pittsburgh employee>

Subject:  Payment Transfer


I need you to initiate a payment transfer of $5231.21 ASAP.  I’m out of the office, so send me an email for details.

John Doe


Be wary of wire transfer requests that arrive via email and demand an urgent response. If you receive a suspicious message, please report it as a phishing scam by forwarding the email message as an attachment to phish@pitt.edu. Detailed instructions on reporting scams are available at http://technology.pitt.edu/phishingscams.

Please contact the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP [4357] if you have any questions regarding this announcement.