Enterprise Relationship Management

An ERM is a relationship management system that collects and shares constituent information across the entire enterprise; in our case, that ‘enterprise’ is the University. An ERM will give Pitt the ability to expand engagement, enrich connections, and – critically – share information between areas of the University in a managed and synchronized manner.

Next Generation Telephony Implementation

This project is currently moving faculty and staff phone numbers from the traditional voice service to voice over IP-based Skype for Business. This involves migrating telephone extensions from the University's dedicated Avaya voice system to the Microsoft PBX. When completed, this migration will enable the University to realize significant cost savings while providing a unified communications plaform for faculty and staff that will include voice, email, instant messaging, presence, and Web conferencing all managed from a single, cloud-based source.

Updated Guest Wireless Access

The current guest wireless authentication system is a multi-step process that allows visitors to the University campus to utilize the wireless network with limited privileges as a guest. This project is implementing a simpler, faster guest wireless provisioning process that will not require a request to the Technology Help Desk. Setting up guest wireless access for visitors will only require a few steps and will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Learning Management System Assessment

The University's current learning management system (CourseWeb) is based on BlackBoard Learn. CSSD and the University Center for Teaching and Learning are evaluating possible upgrade options for CourseWeb by eliciting feedback from staff and faculty that support instruction. 

Emergency Notification System Replacement

This project will replace the outdated software that currently supports the Emergency Nofitification Service with Rave Alert, which is in use at peer ACC institutions.