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My Pitt Video: Windows Recorder Configuration


This help sheet will walk you through the basic configuration of the My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder on a Windows-based computer.

Basic Configuration

Run the My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder from Start--Programs--Panopto--Panopto Recorder. The first time you run the recorder, you will be required to log in.

1. Click the “Log in with Pitt-CourseWeb” button. The server name will be automatically entered for you.

2. Click the “Yes” button on the Security Alert pop-up window

3.  Type your University of Pittsburgh computing account username in the “Username” field and the associated password in the “Password” field, and then click "Login".


4.  Click the “Yes” button to confirm the AutoComplete Passwords pop-up window.

Basic Settings

System Settings

Once the Recorder opens, you will be taken to the "Create New Recording" tab.  To continue with configuration, please click on the "Settings" tab.

Recording Directory: This is the directory on the recording computer where all of the raw data will be stored. The default is set to C:\PanoptoRecorder.

Upload when recorder is closed: The Panopto Recorder Service allows recordings to be uploaded even while the Recorder is closed.

Use smart video capture resolution detection: Automatically determines the best resolution for the primary recording device.

Prefer primary capture device input resolution: Used to override automatic resolution if output is not optimal.

Click “Save” if you make any changes to System Settings.

Application Settings

Automatically Upload Recordings: This setting allows you to tell the recorder to upload video data as soon as the recording has ended. You may wish to uncheck this box if you want to wait until you have a faster connection before uploading.

Show Help Messages: This setting will enable or disable the Help messages in the highlighted area at the top of the Panopto Recorder.

Minimize When Recording: This setting will automatically minimize the Panopto Recorder when you start your recording.

Notify me when a viewer asks a question: This setting will enable a pop-up window on the recording computer notifying you when a viewer asks a question, during a live broadcast even if the recorder is minimized.

Disable hot keys: Disables hot keys

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings tab allows users with Panopto administrative permissions to configure additional settings within the Panopto Recorder.


Application Settings

Allow Stored Login Info:  This will allow you to save your login information at the login screen.

Advanced Capture Settings

Use Adaptive Streaming capture format (BETA): This new feature will enable adaptive streaming at HD resolutions.

Always set screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels: This setting will automatically adjust your screen display resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels anytime the Recorder is open.


 Click "OK" if you would like to use this setting.

Always capture PowerPoint as screen image: This setting helps render fonts or objects that may be present within your PowerPoint slideshow. This is useful when using custom fonts that do not exist on the server.

Fix primary Audio/Video stream synchronization: Automatically fixes audio and video syncing with Apple iSight and clones when running Windows on a Mac.

Click "Save" to save and apply any changes to advanced settings.