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My Pitt Video: Recording Hot Keys for Windows


Hotkeys have been added to the My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder as an extra feature to aid in Session creating. Now you can use a few keys to toggle the start, pause, and stop functions on the My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder even if it is minimized or not the currently active window.

This means you can stop recording while PowerPoint is still presenting. Likewise, you can also pause the recorder without minimizing other opened content, making your presentation look smoother.

Note: It’s important to make sure no other programs will interfere with the hotkeys enabled by My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder. The software uses F8, F9, and F10 to control recording.

F8 Key: Start Recording

Launch the My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder and log in. Select a Folder (unless you are recording offline) and Session name along with any other sources you wish to use for this presentation.

Press F8 to begin recording.

Ensure that there is at least an audio source selected. If there is not, you will receive an error message and the recording will NOT start.

Important: You will want to test this hotkey ahead of time to ensure that all of your devices are working properly. This error message will only display if the My Pitt Video (Panopto) recorder is in one of the active windows, otherwise it will remain in the taskbar until selected.

Your camera may have a built-in light up feature to designate that it is in use.

F9 Key: Pause Recording

Pressing the F9 key will simply pause the recording. Just like clicking the actual Pause button, this feature is non-destructive and will still record content while activated; it simply creates an edit to your presentation that can be modified under the Edit tab of the web interface.

F10 Key: Stop Recording

The F10 key will stop recording. If you have automatic uploads enabled, your Session will be uploaded to your organization's server.