Electronic Lab Notebook: Create a New Notebook

Create New Notebook

If you want to create a new notebook, there are two ways to do this. The first is the "Create New Notebook" option, which can be found within the "Utilities" menu, as shown below:


This option is also available in the Notebook Navigator drop-down menu. Open this menu and scroll to the very bottom to find the "Create New Notebook" option, as shown below:



Clicking on either one of these links will open the following window to enter the name (must contain 5-60 characters) of the new notebook and choose a folder structure. 

There are 4 choices you can make:

  • None
  • Lab
  • Classroom
  • From another notebook


If the information button is pressed The different layouts are visible.


Click on the "create notebook" button to save your changes.


Creating a notebook as an administrator in a Professional Edition account (Only in PI edition)

"Administrators" using the Professional Edition of LabArchives have one more option. They have the ability to create new notebooks under the PI's account..(See picture below for more info). Click the link for more information regarding Users' Roles and Privileges.


When an "Administrators" creates a new notebook, they have 2 options to whom the account should be associated with:

  • Your personal account
  • Account owned by (PI name)

Click on the "create notebook" button to save your changes.