DocuSign Digital Signature Service: How To Videos

The following videos provide more information to assist with use of the DocuSign Digital Signature service. ​

DocuSign Tour
Take a tour to learn what DocuSign can do for you and your organization.

Correcting an Envelope
Learn how to correct the documents, recipients, tags, and settings in an envelope.

IDR - Intelligent Document Recognition
IDR reviews the text and information in a document to automatically match a saved template.

Managing Envelopes
Learn how to manage your DocuSign envelopes.

PowerForms let you generate on-demand, self-service documents for signature.

Reporting Functionality
Learn more about the newly enhanced reporting functionality.

Learn how to send a DocuSign envelope.

Creating and Using Templates in the Classic DocuSign Experience
Learn how to leverage DocuSign templates to streamline your business processes.

Using Dashboards
Learn how to use DocuSign's dashboard reporting feature to stay informed about all of your DocuSign activities.