Students: Connect to Pitt Wireless and Wired Networks | University of Pittsburgh

PittNet (Wireless and Wired): Connect

Wireless PittNet provides fast, secure, and easy-to-use Internet access from academic buildings and residence halls across campus. Those with newer laptops, smartphones, and tablets can take advantage of faster wireless speeds by using Wirelss PittNet Fast. If your device does not support Wireless-PittNet-Fast, you will still be able to use Wireless PittNet.

If you want to access restricted University resources, such as digital research journals, databases, and departmental printers, you will need to use Secure Remote Access. Students can print from Wireless PittNet using Pitt Printing.

Please remember that wireless PittNet is a shared resource, meaning your actions affect others on the network. By following our wireless guidelines, you can help make Wireless PittNet a great service for everyone.

Take these steps to connect to: