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Check IT: Before You Arrive

Let's get PITT started!

Computing Services and Systems Development provides technology tools to make your life at Pitt easier. New to Pitt? Use this checklist before you arrive to hit the ground running.

Before You Arrive

✔ Activate your computing account at My Pitt if you haven't already done so.


 ✔ Thinking about bringing a new computer to campus? Check out special computer discounts available to Pitt students and review our recommended configurations.

Download free software from My Pitt. Check our list of available software before you buy any software at a store!

Install the Pitt printing client at My Pitt. Once you do, your computer can send print jobs from anywhere (your room, the corner coffee shop, the Cathedral of Learning) to convenient print stations located all across campus.

Download Computrace LoJack from My Pitt and install it on your laptop. It can track and help recover your laptop if it is ever lost or stolen.

✔ Know where to go for help. Our Technology Help Desk is open 24 x 7, every day. Call 412-624-HELP [4357], submit a request, or chat online with a help specialist.

✔ Make some new friends---us! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We'll share all kinds of great tips and tricks with you.

✔ Know where to find our services. No matter where you go on campus, a Student Computing Lab, kiosk, or print station is never far away.

✔ Review our PittStart presentation for new students.

✔ Know what items will be helpful to bring to your residence hall room.

Already on campus? Check out What to Do Once You're Here >