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Absolute LoJack: Using Absolute LoJack to Protect Your Macintosh Laptop


This document explains how to use LoJack for Laptops® to help in the recovery of your Macintosh laptop in the event of theft or loss. LoJack allows your laptop to be traced in the event that it is ever lost or stolen. LoJack is a software application available at no cost to University of Pittsburgh students via the Software Download Service at My Pitt.

What is LoJack?

LoJack for Laptops is a service that tracks, locates, and assists the recovery process in the event that laptops are stolen or lost. You report the loss or theft to local police authorities, contact Absolute, and let the software installed on your computer work behind the scenes to silently and securely send its location to the Monitoring Center using any internet connection. The Absolute Recovery Team then tracks your computer’s location and partners with local law enforcement to get your computer back. The Absolute LoJack for Laptops software is tamper-resistant and not easily removed by traditional tools and procedures. The software can only be removed by an authorized user with the correct password. Each license of the Absolute LoJack for Laptops software is unique and can only be installed on one computer.  

For more information about a theft or loss of laptop report, visit the “Reporting a Lost or Stolen Laptop” section of this document.

Before Installing LoJack

To install LoJack, please make sure that your Macintosh laptop meets the following requirements:

  • Mac OS X v10.9 or higher
  • Internet connection required

Please review the following recommendations to help you avoid problems during your installation.

Note: These suggestions should be followed on a temporary basis only and should be turned back on once LoJack for Laptops has been installed.

  1. Disable personal firewall – If you have a personal firewall installed, it is advised that you disable it temporarily during the installation of Absolute LoJack for Laptops. Please refer to your firewall software’s documentation for more details.
  2. Disable antivirus software – Sometimes antivirus software products incorrectly identify Absolute LoJack for Laptops as a virus. To insure a successful installation, CSSD recommends that you temporarily disable your antivirus software.

During the LoJack installation process you will be asked to register your laptop. Please remember: that the registration code you receive can be used only once to register for a single laptop. You cannot use the same license to register multiple times, but you may move the license from an old computer to a new one. Please note that doing so will remove all theft recovery capabilities from the old computer.

Please be sure to record and store your password in a safe location and not on any protected computer.

Known Compatibility Issues

McAfee product users - You must uninstall your McAfee product(s) before installing LoJack on a laptop. Absolute has determined that completely uninstalling your McAfee products is the only way to successfully install LoJack. Once LoJack is installed you can reinstall your McAfee product(s).

Installing LoJack

  1. Log in to My Pitt (my.pitt.edu) with your University Computing Account username and password.
  2. Select the Software Download Service from the main menu.
  3. Next, click the Software Download Service Login link.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 1 
  4. LoJack is listed as a Featured Software product. Select the Mac version.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 2
    The LoJack information page will display.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 3 
  5. From the Installation Instructions, select the download here link.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 4 
  6. You will be taken to the Absolute Software website. Click the Mac Download button. You may be asked to allow or permit this download to continue. Next, the L4LInstall.dmg file will be downloaded.
  7. Double click on the L4LInstall.dmg file from your computer’s desktop.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 5 
  8. Double click the l4linstall file that appears within the installation application folder.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 6 
  9. A LoJack for Laptops Installation window appears. Click the Next button.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 7 
  10. Check the I accept the terms in the Service Agreement box and click the Next button.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 8 
  11. A Registration Code window appears. Enter the registration code you received from the Software Download Service. Click the Next button.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 9 
  12. A Create Your Account window appears. Enter your contact information. All fields must be completed. This information will be used to contact you if your laptop is reported as lost or stolen. Remember to note your email address and password as they will be used to log in to the LoJack for Laptops website. When finished, click the Next button.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 10 
  13. In the Tell Us About Yourself window, choose the appropriate selection from the Which of the following best describes you? pull-down menu. You must make a selection for the installation process to continue. Click the Next button.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 11 


    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 12 
  14. In the Ready To Install window, click the Install button to begin the installation.
  15. The Installing LoJack for Laptops window indicates that installation has begun. A descriptive status bar indicates installation progress.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 13 
  16. Note: If you use a user name and password to login to your laptop or if your laptop has multiple user accounts set up on it, the installation may require you to register as the administrative user. If it does, the Authenticate window will indicate that you should enter your Name and Password into the text fields that are provided. Remember to provide the administrative account information used to login to your computer not the information you provided in order to register LoJack. Providing a user name and password that do not have administrative privileges may prevent the installation from finishing. When you have entered this information click the OK button.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 14 
  17. The Installation Successful window indicates that the installation is complete and the LoJack software has been successfully installed on the laptop. When you are ready to continue, click the Continue button.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 15 
  18. Next, the Installation is Almost Complete window will appear. Click OK.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 16 
  19. The LoJack for Laptops/Absolute Customer Center website will load. Log in to your account with the Email and Password that were used to create your LoJack account.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 17 
  20. Next, you will be promoted to Enable Geolocation. Click Yes and Continue.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 18 
  21. The Set Personal Identification Number (PIN) window will display where you can create a PIN to use to access your LoJack account. Enter the requested information including the PIN, confirm PIN, and your birth date, then click Save.
    Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 19 
  22. Your installation process is now complete. Close the browser and all open LoJack applications files. Drag the L4Linstall files that were placed on your desktop to your Computer’s Trash.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Laptop

If your Absolute LoJack for Laptops equipped computer is stolen, you will need to report it as soon as possible. It is vital that you complete the following steps:

  1. Within 7 days of the loss or theft, file a police report with the local law enforcement agency authorities where the theft or loss occurred.


    If the loss or theft occurred on the University of Pittsburgh campus, file a report with the Campus Police Department at 412-624-4040.

    If the loss or theft occurred off campus, file a report with the local police department.

    Remember: Obtain a copy of the police report and the police report case number.

  2. Contact the Absolute LoJack Recovery Team and report your computer as stolen. You will need to provide the following:

    1. Your police report case number
    2. Contact information (for example, name and address)
    3. Computer specifications (for example, make and model)
    4. Details about the theft or loss (for example, time and location)

  3. The Recovery Team can be contacted in one of the following ways:

    1. Enter your Email address and Password at https://my.absolute.com and click the Login button.

    2. File a report by clicking the Recover button or tab on the My Subscriptions webpage. Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 20 

      The Recover page lets you initiate a report to Absolute about a lost or stolen laptop. Follow the online instructions and click the Request Recovery button to begin a report.

      Lojack for Macintosh screenshot 21 

    3. Contact Absolute by phone: 1-877-337-0337.