Change Your Password

It is strongly suggested that you change your password as soon as you receive your University Computing Account. You can do this at My Pitt (

Log in to My Pitt, click Profile, then click Manage Your Account. On the Manage Your Account page, click the Password Change link and follow the instructions to manage your password and security questions.

Your new password:

  • Must be between eight and fourteen characters long
  • Should consist of some combination of letters and numbers, and must include at least one special character (for example, +, @, #, or $)
  • Cannot include the following characters: _ ' < > & ! . ,
  • Should not use your name, your username, or a portion of these.
  • Should never be shared with anyone for any reason
  • Please note that there are limitations on use of prior passwords.
  • Please keep in mind passwords that use only letters and dictionary words are easier for someone to guess or for computer programs to decipher

Setting Your Security Questions

If you haven't already done so, be sure to select the three security questions and answers that will be used to confirm your identity in the event you forget your password. Once you have set your security questions, you do not need to change them the next time that you change your password.

Required Password Changes for Students

Note: To enhance security and protect data, students will be required to change their University Computing Account password twice per year at My Pitt ( A prompt will appear on My Pitt when it is time for you to change your password.

If you have difficulty connecting to Wireless PittNet after changing your password, please connect to SETUP-PITT-WIFI and run the automated configuration wizard. This will resolve the problem.

Never Share Your Password

To keep your information secure, CSSD will never ask for your password through email or over the phone. Students will only be prompted after logging in to My Pitt when it's time to change their password. Never respond to any request that asks you to provide your password through email or over the phone. If someone does ask for your password, contact the Help Desk to report it.